Can you help us help desperate charities?

Too often charities are forced to rely on listing advertisements for digital marketing volunteers, only to receive little or no interest. Even when they get volunteers, the work can be average or commitment weak. We believe that this can all be changed with a system that works for everyone.

You know better than anyone: charities who can't afford digital marketing are destined for failure

That’s what led us to create BrandEd, a weekend-long event where students from different disciplines are put into teams and assigned to a charity. With your help coaching and 48-hours, the team will create a reimagined brand image for the organisation. This could include a website, logo, social media, or more.

Backed By UWA

BrandEd is supported by the UWA Alumni Fund and is a student-led initiative.

Just 2 Days

We run the event in a ‘hackathon’ style over one weekend.

Meet Students

You’ll have a chance to meet and mentor some of UWA’s best students.

Our Ask

We are currently seeking a Perth-based digital marketing agency who can come in on the 4th and 5th of September to share their expertise with our students. We’re currently seeking speakers for the following topics.

Web Design



Brand Image

Social Media


Graphic Design

Logo Creation

Email Marketing

Can you help us? We'd love to hear from you