Need help with digital marketing?

We provide free digital marketing to charities, completed in just 48-hours. Over the course of a single weekend, our student teams will work together on their vision for your organisation’s image.

Saturday 9 October - Sunday 10 October

Let's face it: we increasingly live in a world that operates online, yet digital marketing is expensive, and volunteers hard to come by.

That’s what led us to create BrandEd, a weekend-long event where students from different disciplines are put into teams and assigned to a charity. Over the course of 48-hours, the team will produce their vision for your organisation. This could include a website, logo, social media, or more. You’ll even be invited along to the showcase event for an opportunity to see your student-team and what they have completed.

Free Digital Marketing

Our students are generously offering up their time for you.

Completed in 48 Hours

We run the event in a ‘hackathon’ style over one weekend.

Backed By UWA

BrandEd is supported by the UWA Alumni Fund and is a student-led initiative.

Student Learning

You’ll be providing students with valuable marketing experience.

Meet Potential Volunteers

You are free to speak to your student team about opportunities.

Ongoing Support Available

Speak to us about your ongoing needs after the program.

Our Services

We believe that one of the most important skills in digital marketing is listening to the client. That’s why at the beginning of the event, the teams will speak to you to learn what it is that you would most like improved about your digital presence.


Website Design

We can build you a beautiful website that looks good on all devices.



We can help you tell your story through our well-written copytext.



We can capture impactful images for you to use online.


Branding & Style Guides

We can help you build a beautiful and consistent style.


Social Media

We can help you plan out your social media feed for maximum effect.



We can help you get ranked higher up on Google search.


Graphic Design

We can help you with all your custom illustration and design needs.


Logo Creation

We can help you develop a fresh new look for your logo.


Email Marketing

We can help you build an email list and send out email campaigns.

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Saturday 9th

Day 1

BrandEd begins on Saturday morning, with an introduction to the competition. Teams will start by meeting their assigned charity in the morning. They will use this to guide the work they complete over the course of the weekend. As such, we require at least one representative from your organisation to be present for around an hour.

Sunday 10th

Day 2

Sunday is the final day of the competition. We do not require any charity attendance on this day but you are welcome to collaborate with you team as much or as little as you like.

Tuesday 12th October


We wrap up the event with a showcase of the student work. Teams will take turns at presenting what they have achieved in the 48-hour window for a chance to win prizes. You’ll have a chance to speak with your team one last time and maybe recruit some volunteers! We’d love for charities to come along to meet and thank the students.